English Themes - My favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday

In Russia, the same as in every other country, there are many holidays:
interesting and funny, patriotic and dedicated to any historical event. For
example in Russia there are such holidays as the Women’s day, the Victory
Day, the Independent Day, the April’s Fool’s day, and many other. In 80th
years in Russia some holidays were canceled, among them is the May Day, the
7th of October, the birthday of komsomol, and some other. As for me this
resolution was right because when the life of the whole country is changing
the old holidays must also be changed by new.
      I like all holidays. But everyone of them can be made upset, except
one. It’s the New Year. New Year is a holiday for everyone. The people all
over the world welcome the new year at one moment, that’s why I think it’s
the most uniting holiday in the world, because in this moment every person
can say that he loves everyone. I think it is an international holiday.
But in different countries the New Year is celebrated in different days,
for example it can be celebrated on the 1st of September or … Also I’ve
heard that from 2001 year the New Year will be celebrated on the 1st of
March by all countries all over the world. As for me, I think that it was a
right resolution.
      There are lots of New Year traditions in Russia. In every home there
is a New Year tree glittering in colored lights and decorations. Children
always wait for Father Frost to come and give them a present. Many people
consider a New Year to be a family holiday. But most of the young prefer to
spend the New Year there own having parties. As for me I prefer to see the
New Year with my family, because I meet these New Years last times with my
family and after some years I’ll spend it on my own. I must spend as much
time as possible with my family because in some years I’ll have to leave
them to begin my own life and these holidays may be the last.