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1  Traveling
Many people like to travel because it is interesting, attractive &  you  can
see new different places. There are  few  reasons  why  people  travel.  The
first: they visit other counters for getting more useful  information  about
this country, his nation, languages  &  so  on.  The  second  reason  people
travel for relax. Sometimes it is  necessary to leave your house  &  have  a
rest. As usual people go trip  in  their  holidays.  I   certainly  like  to
travel too, because it is interesting for me to see new countries  &  places
This summer I have been in Turkey  in  small  town  Marmaris.  It  is  there
pretty small town without any monuments & museums .It  is  situated  in  the
southern part of Turkey in the Again sea. My parents &I lived in  a  little
hotel in the seashore. Every evening in the  embankment  a  lot  of    small
restaurants  were opened & it was very pleasant to walk along  the  shore  &
breath fresh sea air. It was a lovely picturesque  place.  I  like  it  very
mach. But  I wasnt impressed by it. I  have more fan & relax in  the  Black
Sea. I  spend  there  only  2  days,  but  they  leave  in  my  memory  more
recollections  that 2 weeks in Marmaris. In the morning I got up  early  for
getting seashells but most of all I enjoy jumping over  the  waves  .It  was
really impressive. But I began  to  miss  my  home  other  that  I  have  so
remarkable holidays in my life. Why people miss their  homes?  The  home  is
the place where we live from day to day & we can not forget it.  This  place
are always stayed in owe memory as the  best  &  comfortable  place  in  the
world. All good recollections connected with it.

2   Family
The word family is asocial with warm tender relations between  members  of
the family. It is very important when there is  understanding  among  people
in the family an consideration fortress such relations became possible  when
people in the family show other terms  with  ea-ch  other,  do  many  things
tougher tall joys survive troubles & living friendly.  Loving  people  gives
you felling of happiness. But nowadays young People think  that  family  can
not consist only on love & understanding. The causal position &  celery  are
important too. When you ha-ve a good education  you  can  easily  find  good
work. Also if you have own flat  It is easily  to  make  family.  Now  Young
people understand that to make a family is there sires step in life  &  they
to do everything for make their future  family  happy.  In  our  family  the
relations are very good & friendly. But certainly, like in every  family  we
have quarrels specially between me & my sister, but they  are  very  shot  &
soon we again live in peace.  In  our  family  relations  are  build  on  an
understanding each other .I  there  live  my  parents.  My  mother  is  very
kindhearted women she always help me & my sister to decide my  problems.  My
father is kind too but some times he is strict But I most  of  all  like  my
sisters character, we are there friendly because we alike. I  &  me  sister
understand each other earthward. My family help me to live &  to  understand
the world around me. & I very thank my parents.

3        Science
Science possesses a very great creative  potential  which  lets  the  people
explore the world. They exploring new territories ,Always ready to face  the
unknown We know a lot of people  who  de-voted  their  lives  to  scientific
work. They were sure their work was carried out for the benefit to  society.
Science did a lot to  improve  the  life  of  society.  Among  them  Michael
Faraday-English Physicist & Chemist, Tommas Edison the inventor of  electric
lights & hundredth & hundredths of other  scientists  .in  the  world  every
year held a lot of premiums for the achievements of the  year  in  different
directions in science. The main premium of Alfred Nobel. It appeared  in1896
& it is steal the main premium for scientist. Nobel himself was a very  good
chemist & excellent linguist His greatest wish, however ,was to see  an  end
to wars, & thus peace  between  nations  ,&  he  spend  much  time  &  money
working for this course until his death in Italy in  1896.His  famous  will,
in which he left money to provide prizes for outstanding  work  in  Physics,
Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature & Peace, is a  memorial  to  his
interests & ideals. There  are  scientist  working  for  Good.  For  example
Einstein devoted theories that gave birth to the  atomic  age.  He  realized
that the atomic age put in-to mans  hands a power greater than he had  ever
known. It prove that scientists work can be useful or determined all  depend
from person how  make discovery.

4  Tv
Many people have forgotten what the world was like before TV. But  today  it
has become an integral part of our live. No can compare with TV as  a  means
of information, entertainment & education. TV now  plays such  an  important
role in so many people's lives that it is essential for us to try to  decide
whether it is bad or good.On the  first place TV is not  only  a  convenient
source of entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one.  For  a  family
it is more convenient as well as cheaper to sit comfortably at home than  to
go out. They don't  have to pay for expensive tickets  to  the  cinema.  All
they have to do is to turn on TV and they can see political  news  ,football
matches and films. TV, people often say,  informs  about  current  events  &
the latest developments in science  and  politics.  A  lot  of  good  films,
music programs have appeared recently on TV. We get to like watching  TV  so
much that it begins to dominate our lives. Some-times,  than  TV  set  broke
people suddenly found that they had much more time to do  things.  The  most
important thing which is really critiquing is poor quality of  the  programs
and its harmful effect on children. For example  the  film  "  Natural  Born
Killers" teaches children to kill and there was one accident in France  when
a group of teenagers kill their parents. There are many  arguments  for  and
against TV.I think we must understand that TV in itself is neither good  nor
bad. TV is as good or as bad as we make it.

5    20  Charecters
During our life we get in touch with many people. We all  know  a  password:
So many characters, so many people & it is a  real  truth.  I  have   many
friends & a lot of mats & among them there is no  same  character.  Some  of
them very kindhearted & friendly some not so kind but they are  try  friends
& always help me & their friends, but they  are  very  cold  or  indifferent
with other people. In every character there are good & bad treats As for  me
I consider fair, kind, friendful , try. I think that the-re are 2  sorts  of
kind people. The first sort it is really  try  ,kindhearted   people  always
ready to help all people in the world other their causal  position  &  other
who only try to look kind & friendly people. But  they  friendly  only  with
people whom such people interested in I  hate such people because you  dont
know is they are really good or only want to  look  friendly  &  I  can  not
believe them. Every character forms in society  therefore  in  what  society
person bring up such character he or she will obtain. Also  I  believe  that
Symbol of Zodiac is influence on the character. Every Symbol have  its  own
treats common for all people born under this symbol. For example  Im  Libra
,in my Horoscope Says that in me there are 2 persons. &  other  good  &  bad
treats. But I also believe that everyone can change his  characters,  adding
more good or bad treats.

6  Profession
What I would like to become? This question passes me greatly. Every job  has
its elements of difficulties and interest.  I  think  that  nearly  all  the
professions  are  very   important  in  life  But  to   choose   the   right
occupation is very difficult, because we must take in to consideration  many
factors. We must consider our personal  taste and our kind  of  mind.  After
we end school  begin an   independent  life,  it  is  beginning  of  a  more
serious examination. In order to pass that very serious exam we must  choose
the road in life which will  help us best to live & work  Each  boy  &  girl
has every opportunity to develop mind & use knowledge &  education  received
at school. Some may prefer  to work in factories or works,  others  want  to
go into construction: to  take  part  in building  power  stations  and  new
towns. Many opportunities to  work  &  to  satisfy  at  the  same  time  the
requirements of the society and your own personal  interest are  offered  in
the sphere of the services transport, communications and many others I  have
a specially liking for to became a lower I like this profession  because  it
want to help people applying my knowledge. Also  I  want  make  good  career
Whether profession we choose to follow the  greatest  pleasure  will  surely
come from filling that you  occupation is useful  to people.Find a job  you
like & youll never have the work a day in your life.

7  Enviroment
The poisoning of the world's land, air, and water is the  fastest-spreading
disease of civilisation. It probably produces fewer  headlines  than  wars,
earthquakes and floods but it is  potentially  one  of  history's  greatest
dangers to human life on earth. If present trends  continue  for  the  next
several decades, our  planet  will  become  uninhabitable.  Overpopulation,
pollution and energy consumption have created such planet-wide problems  as
massive deforestation, ozone depletion, acid rains and the  global  warming
that is believed to be coursed by the greenhouse effect. The  seas  are  in
danger. They are filled with poison: industrial and nuclear waste, chemical
fertilisers and pesticides. The Mediterranean is already nearly  dead;  the
North Sea is following. The Aral Sea is on  the  brink  of  extinction.  If
nothing is done about it, one day nothing will  be  able  to  live  in  the
seas.Every10 minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out for  ever
.Industrial enter-prises emit tons of harmful substances.  These  emissions
have disastrous consequences for our planet. They are the main  reason  for
the greenhouse effect and acid rains An even greater  environmental  threat
are nuclear power stations. We all know how tragic the consequences of  the
Chernobyl disaster are. People are beginning to  realise  that  environment
problems  are  not  somebody  else's.  They  join   and   support   various
international organisation and green parties. If  governments  wake  up  to
what is  happening-perhaps  we'll  be  able  to  avoid  the  disaster  that
threatens the natural world and all of us with it.

8   Books
Books bring pleasure & delight to readers. They entertain & develop owe
imagination The bo-oks is a faithful friend. Sometimes after was read book
we deep in fought of the problem whi-ch was discussion in it. We often read
or hear that someone after hi read book enjoy new ides or be so delight
that he change & began to see world in another color. Writers tries to
portray life in its richness or make his story or  poem with humor for
brought pleasure & delight to readers The book is there old tying. First
library was founded in Egypt more then 3000years BC. At first time they
were very rare because books were writing by hands. This process last-ed
for many years. Nowadays there great amount Of books & you can always fined
smoking for your rise. Books  can be About lives of different people,
detective stores, novels, encyc-lopedias & many other. Now TV is compare
books & some people prefer to watch films than read books, but they more
interesting. I dont like to read like most children nowadays, but I like
to read novels, detective stores & fantasy have a lot of books at home also
I can take so-me of them in the library. Now there are a lot of books & you
can not keep all them at home but if you need a book you can go to the
library it is a house of books. Books with us all our life. In childhood we
liked to listened  fables .teenagers like to read adventures. They help us
to live & understand world around us, to relax & the main reason we books
are necessary they bring a lot of pleasure
The city is the place where situated all  industrial  cultures  &  education
centers. In big cities you can find museums, theaters,  clubs,  cinema  ,big
shops &  hospitals People try  to  live  in  cites  be-cause  all  necessary
objects are situated near For example if you ill  the  hospital  or  chemist
shop will  situated  near  your  home  in  the  city  but  if  you  live  in
countryside it will hard to find any medicine help  or  hospital  fare  from
city. Also in big cites  you can fiend all sorts of  entertainment  such  as
cinemas clubs entertaining parks & so on. Many people like  to  spend  their
free time in clubs ,entertaining parks because it is help them  to  relax  &
bring them a lot of pleasure It is really comfortable  that  everything  you
need in daily life situated near you. One of the most important  comfort  of
big cites that you can fast drive up to your job for  example.  Yes,  it  is
really comfortable, & at first glance  everything   is  good   but  nowadays
big cites there are a great amount of cars & factories Big  cites  suffering
of overpopulation, duty of air, & water, The streets  became  nosy  &  after
hard working day people can not  relax. People try to do  everything  to  go
to countryside because only where they can  fiend  quite.  Every  holiday  &
every week-end people try to leave their houses &go to the village.  As  for
me I prefer to live in big cites because A lot of big  shops  situated  near
my home, but I also like to spend my holidays in   the  countryside  because
after I spend in city about 9 months I began to get tired.

10  Sport
 I think that if you dont want to feel fit youd better go in for one  kind
of sport or another. I should admit that everyone must do all he can  to  be
healthy. Good health is better than the best medicine. The  English  proverb
Sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind expresses a similar  idea
but from different point of view. All kinds of physical exercises  are  very
useful to make our bodies strong as we want. To tell the truth  I  dont  do
sports regularly and it is not an essential part of my  daily  life.  but  I
like it summer I to swim & play tennis basketball, football. In winter,  you
can skiing & skating it is useful too. Of course, I  like  to  watch  sports
completions  on  TV.  Fortunately,  they   show   different   ones-football,
basketball. I like tennis  tournaments  very  much.  Also  I  admire  skiing
champion-ships , biathlon , swimming  Doing  sports  a  man  become  strong,
healthy and gay. He begins to take care of his health.  Certainly  in  every
school there are sport grounds & gyms In owe  school  we  have  a  nice  gym
.Games is popular among children.  Many  of  they  train  at  special  sport
school where held a lot of competitions. Every year many championships  held
all over the world. Among them the  greatest  is  Olympic  Games  a  lot  of
Russian sportsman  also win them. We mast know that  sport  help  us  to  be
healthy & Good health is better than wealth,
11   Education in Russia
An educated person is one who knows a lot about many things. I think  it  is
very important that everyone should be educated.  Each  pupils  mast  to  do
everything to become a useful member  of  our  society.  Education  is  very
important in our life. In the Russian Federation  the  school  education  is
compulsory. Pupils begin to go to school at the age of 6.When they  complete
high grades they can either continue to study at school for  more  2  years,
or go to a professional school where they study not only main subjects,  but
are able to learn some profession When pupils leave school they can  try  to
continue their education in  institutes  or  universities.  There  are  many
school types of schools in Russia: specialized,  politecnical,  musical  art
and others. Nowadays appeared some new  types  of  schools:  gymnasiums  and
colleges. I learn in one of the specialized schools in Moscow. To  my  mind,
our school is very well equipped. It has a gym, a library, a computer  class
and some labs(for example - chemistry lab or physics lab). At school we  had
classes in Russian, literature, mathematics, English, history and so on.  My
favorite subjects were English, History and  Russian  My  favorite  subjects
were English, Biology & Chemistry .I like English  because  I  began  better
understand my native language  & I need it for my future besides it is  very
interesting to read books, listen  the  news  ,speak  with  Englishspeaking
people. The Biology & Chemistry  is interesting for me  because  learn  them
very easy & because it is interesting for  me  to  know  from  what  consist
things around us. I like owe school because we have a very good  teachers  &
it is interesting to learn subjects when the teacher is good. School is  one
of owe houses in life.
12   Hobby
Everyone have spare time. The time when  person  can  do  everything  he/she
like or interested in. Some people prefer to spend their free time  slipping
at home, watching TV or listening ra-dio; Another like  hiking  ,travelling,
getting with friends visited galleries, cinemas or gathering something.  The
things   which   people   like   to   do   in   their   spare    time    are
callsHobbies.Hobbies can be different They divide in to 2 sorts. The  first
it is when  person  prefer  doing  something  for  example  watching  TV  or
travailing The  second  hobby  is  gathering  marks  corns  audio  or  video
cassettes. As for my I like to gathering audio cassettes. I  get  a  lot  of
pleasure Gathering cassette with music which I like. I relax then  I  listen
music, not all certainly. Also it is interesting for me to go travel &  walk
with my friends often visited new places & it is very exiting.  We  like  to
vi-sited consertets ,& listen our favourite music  Also  I  interested  with
computers I like to play computers games making programmes but most  of  all
I enjoy with Internet  Every  weekend  I  spend  a  lot  of  time  in  Chats
programmes in Internet  where people from all over the world meting  &  talk
about news music ,books & many other  interesting things. Some  times  Hobby
became a profession for example I have friend hes  hobby  is  music  &  she
wanted to be  pianist  .For  all  people  hobby  is  something  which  relax
&entertain them. They help people to have a rest. Without hobbies  lives  of
many people will be dale & ,uniform

 13  Mass Media
Mass media (that is the press, the  radio  and  television)play  unimportant
role in the life of soci-ety. They reflect corrent events & vital  problems.
They also influence the way people look at the  world  &  make  them  change
their views. Millions of people  in  their  spare  time  watch  TV  &   read
newspapers. On the radio one can hear music, news  and  various  discussions
or commentaries of current events. On the TV can see a  lot  of  documentary
programs & films Now  on  Russia  TV  we  have  11channels  &you  can  fined
something for race your mood & relax. It is means for schedule  knowledge  &
information about everything the world Every  day  we  knead  news.  We  can
certainly see them on TV but you can  buy  a  newspapers  often  see  people
sitting in the Metro & reading newspaper  or  magazine.  There  are  variety
sorts of magazines & newspapers They can be  about  music,  politics,  sport
half & so on Nowadays  big  cities  overfull  of  great  amount  of  news  &
information Some people read everything they buy. It's no  mater  what  they
read &What about &they only lose their time. But there are people  who  read
only that magazines & newspapers which they  interesting  or  kneaded  think
that MM help us in education & daily life only when you read only  that  you
choose Than you read something here sow something there  everything  confuse
in your head &youll know nothing. Also I  think  that  MM  is  an  inventor
because only in XX century we began to understand what role MM plays in  our

14 Australia
The Commonwealth of Australia is a  self  governing  federal  state.  It  is
situated in the southwe-st of the Pacific ocean, occupying the continent  of
Australia and a great number of islands near it Australia  is  a  continent-
island washed by the Indian & the Pacific Oceans. The country consists of  6
states and 2 territories16 million people live in Australia. The capital  is
Canberra  The  official  language  is  English.Australia   is  an  important
producer and exporter of primary products wool, meat,  sugar,  fruit,  iron,
gold and so on. Most of the factories are situated  near  big  cities  There
are 4 big cities in Australia: Sydney,  Melbourne,  Adelaide,  Perth.  These
cities are also the country's main ports. Canberra was specially planned  as
a capital. It is a quiet city. All the  government  buildings  are  situated
there. There no industrial plants in the city. About 300000 people  live  in
Canberra. Sydney is the  oldest  and  largest  city  in  Australia.  It  was
founded in 1788. Sydney is a big industrial centre. About 3  million  people
now live in the city Australian Parliament has two chambers,  the  house  of
Representatives and the Senate. The government of the country is  headed  by
the Prime Minister. Australia is not only far from the rest  of  the  world,
it has a bad climate, too The climate is better in the east and  south-east,
where most big cities have grownup. But the  northern  coast  has  too  much
rain, and the western coast is too dry. The highest part of  Australia,  and
almost all the mountains are near the coast. The whole central part  of  the
country is dry; it never rains, there are  no  large  rivers  and  no  water
there. So there is no very rich plant life in Australia want to  visit  this
country because I  think  it  have  there  interesting  history  &also  this
country is differ than other English-streaking countries.

15  GB
GB is situated on the British Isles & as a  whole  is  a  densely  populated
country. The population of country is  more  then  56  million  people.  The
country has a very good geographical position as it lies  on  the  crossways
of the sea routes  from  Europe  to  other  parts  of  the  world.  The  sea
connected GB with most of the world & influence the climate of the  country.
Thanks to the Atlantic oscine & the Golf-Stream, a warm ocean  current,  the
climate of GB is warm & damp. GB is a highly developed  industrial  country.
It is known as exporters of iron & steel products,  chemicals  &  navigation
equipment. GB is a country with old cultural traditions & customs  The  most
famous educational centers are Ox-ford & Cambridge  universities  .They  are
consider to be the intellectual centers of  Europe.  The  education  is  not
free it is very expensive. GB is a Parliamentary monarchy .The  monarchy  is
one of the old English  traditions.  It  has  no  power  .The  Queen  of  GB
doesnt rule ,but reigns  The  country  is  governed  by  the  Parliament,
consisting of the Queen (or  King) The House  of  Commons  &  The  House  of
Lords, but government elected with  the  Prime  Minister  at  the  head.  GB
consist of 4 main parts: England ,Wales, Scotland, & Northern  Ireland.  The
relief in the South & East is flat. Scotland  &Wales are mountains &  hilly.
But the mountains are not high ,The highest one is Ben  Nevis  in  Scotland.
It is 1343 meters high. There are many rivers in GB but they are  not  long.
Many of rivers are connected with each other by means of channels .The  main
rivers are: The Seven, The Themes, The Shannon & The Clyde.

16  London
London is one of the worlds most enjoyable cities It is a  capitol  of  GB.
Visited  by  the  tourists  in  the  million  ,  the  city  offers  them  an
astonishing variety of scenes .The city is situated  on  the  river  Thames.
London can be divided into 4 main parts: The City, The East  End,  The  West
End & Westminster. London was founded 2000 years BC, so London  has  a  very
rich history & a lot of monuments of history. The most famous of  them  are:
St. Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Tower of  London  &  Westminster
abbey. Westminster Abbey is a national shrine Where  the  kings  and  queens
are crowned & famous people are burred. Founded by Edward the  Confessor  in
1055,the Abbey was a monastery for a long time The present  building   dates
largely  from  the  time  of  Henry III W ho began to rebuild the church  ,a
task which lasted hearty 300 years.  The  west  towers  were  added  in  the
eighteen centre. Since William I  almost  every  English  monarch  has  been
crowned in this great church, which contains the tombs & memorials  of  many
Britains most eminent citizen .One of the greatest treasures of  The  Abbey
is the oaken Coronation Chair made in 1300.The Abbey is also known for  its
Poets Corner. Craves & memorials  to  many  English  poets  &  writers  are
clustered round about. Londoners are there proud of  their  city  with  its
ancient buildings , monuments & architectural masterpieces.

17  English traditions
 Every country and every nation has it's own traditions  and  customs.  It's
very important to know traditions and customs of  different  people  because
It will help you to know more about   the  history  and  life  of  different
nations and countries One  cannot  speak  about  England  with-out  speaking
about it's traditions and customs. They are very important in  the  life  of
English  people.  Englishman  are  reputed  to  be  cold,  reserved   rather
haughtier people. They are nationally polite & they never  tied  of  saying:
"Thank you" or " Im sorry". They are gently  disciplined  you  never  heard
long talk in the straits. They don't rush  for  seats  in  buses  &  trains.
English people do not  shake  hands  when  eating.  They  don't  show  their
emotions  even  in  tragic  situations.  Englishman  are  proud   of   their
traditions and carefully keep them up. There are six public holidays a  year
in GB. Christmas day is one of their favourite holidays. It's celebrated  on
the 25-th of December. There are some traditions connected with it.  One  of
them is to give presents to each other. It is not only children and  members
of family. It's a tradition to give Christmas presents  to  the  people  you
work with. Another tradition is to  send  Christmas  cards.  &   many  other
pleasant things. Another great holiday is Halloween. It is the day than  all
children dresses up in unusual costumes. this holiday  selabrateted  on  the
31 of October.

18 Russia
    Russia occupy a large territory. It stretch  almost  10  000  kilometres
from east to west and nearly 5 000  kilometres from  north  to  south.  It's
population is 150 000 000 million  people.Russia  develop  for  many  parts:
Siberia, Ural, European part & Far East. In Russia there are a  lot  of  big
cites in all its parts. The capital  is  Moscow,  it  is  situated  in  the
European part. There is no over countries in which the  climate  differs  so
much from one part to antherThe climate is deferent in all  reigns  When  it
is still winter in the northern regions of our country the first  warm  days
arrive in the southern the central regions snow storms & cold are  still  in
power while in the south people begin to think of spring crops. In the  same
season nature looks different in different parts of our country. Siberia  is
a region of untold riches, & Ural is riche in different minerals .Russia  is
rich in oil, iron, gold, silver and other minerals In our country there  are
endless forests, large and small  rivers  from  East  to  West.  Country  is
washed by 12 seas of 3 oceans: Pacific, Arctic & the Atlantic Also Id  like
to say a few words about the traditions of Russia. The names  of  Gzhel  and
Khokhloma are considered to be the symbols of Russia as well as  matryoshkas
and samovars. Now we celebrate the forgotten  holidays-Troisa,   Maslenitsa,
Easter We again sing Russian folk songs and chastushki,  dance  Barinya  and
perform khorovods, ride in troikas Traditional  Russian  cooking  is  world-
famous for such dishes as okroshka, shi, pelment, kvass. We begin  to  build
& reconstruct churches.

19 Moscow
Moscow is a capital of Russia & it is there big & old  city,  so  in  Moscow
there are many tourist. They come to our city to acquainted with Russia.  In
our home there often comes my parents friends  from Francs  ,Germany  &  we
show them Moscow. At first every tourist how co-me to Moscow mast visit  Red
Square because it is center & hart of our  city.  There  situated  the  most
beautiful cathedrals in Moscow .for example Santa Basils  Cathedral  erected
by architectures Postnik & Barma to commemorate  Russias  conquest  of  The
Kazan Kingdom in  1552  .Moscow  is  a  political  ,cultural  ,scientific  &
education centers in Russia. In Moscow there are a lot of theaters  ,museums
,galleries, universities. The greatest ,most beautiful  &  biggest   one  of
the theaters is a Bolshow  Theater.  .It  is  famous  all  over  the  world.
Pushkins Museum of Fin Art & Tretiaykov Gallery  the  most  big  famous  in
Moscow. In Tretiaukov Gallery you can  find  pictures  &  drawings  a  great
member of pianists all other the world, begin  from  icon  &  pectoris  from
Eugept to mordent pianists .A lot of exhibitions held there. Also in  Moscow
situated The State Moscow University It one  of  the  best  universities  in
Europe. Nowadays Moscow became a mordent  city with wide streets with  great
member of restoring, clubs, cinemas & so on .At night Moscow  is  illuminate
with many lights. Also now appeared big shops & you can see beautiful  shop-
windows in the greatest & biggest  streets of our city.  I  think  that  our
town very beautiful & as I know ,All tourists admired by  it  &  Im  theory
proud that I live in Moscow.