Темы по английскому языку

Britain in Brief.
         The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  with  an
area of 244 000 square miles is situated on the  British  Isles,  which  are
separated from the European continent by the North Sea, the Strait of  Dover
and the English Channel. Britain’s population is over 56 million.  Four  out
of every five people live in towns. The largest cities of  the  country  are
London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
         The UK is a monarchy: the head of the state is a king or a  queen.
In practice, the Sovereign reigns, but does not rule: the UK is governed  by
the Government. The present Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II.
         The territory of Great Britain is small. Yet  the  country  has  a
wide variety of scenery.
         The heart of Britain is England.  It  is  the  richest,  the  most
fertile and most populated in  the  country.  The  north  and  the  west  of
England are mountainous, but all the rest of territory is a vast  plain.  In
Northwest England, there are many beautiful  lakes  with  green,  wooded  or
grassy shores and grey mountains all around.
         The smallest of Britain’s countries is Wales. The largest part  of
Wales is covered with rocky mountains, which are difficult  to  climb.  Most
people in Wales live in the coastal plains.
         Scotland is a land of mountains, wild  moorlands,  narrow  valleys
and plains, famous lakes  and  no  end  of  large  and  small  islands.  The
Highlands of Scotland are among the oldest  mountains  in  the  world.  One-
third of the people in Scotland
    live in or near  its  capital,  Edinburgh,  and  its  great  industrial
center, Glasgow.
         The capital of Great Britain, London, stands on  the  Thames.  The
Thames is the busiest and the most important river in Great Britain, but  it
is not very long. The climate of Great Britain is mild.